Tommy Clack

Eighth generation Army veteran Tommy Clack was born and raised in Decatur, GA. He attended the University of Houston on a Track Scholarship before leaving college and volunteering for the Army. Tommy spent over three years in service, attaining the rank of Captain. During his tour in Vietnam, he was with the C/2/27 Infantry-Wolfhounds, of the 25th Division, as an Artillery Forward Observer. On May 29, 1969, while operating on the Cambodian border Tommy was injured from an explosion, losing all three limbs, sustaining internal injuries and loss of hearing. He then spent nearly two years in the Atlanta VA Medical Center undergoing 33 operations. Tommy finished college in 1975, as an Honor Graduate from Georgia State University. He married and had two children, Adam and Erin. Tommy retired February 29, 2012, after 47 years of military and government employment. He has traveled as a public speaker since 1970, visiting all 50 States and multiple foreign countries. Tommy has been involved in helping over 300 memorials become a reality across America honoring military members, veterans, and their families. In 1991, he received a “Point of Light” Award from President Bush, and he is also a Military’s Artillery OCS Hall of Fame inductee.


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