Bambi Bullard

The Women Veterans Resources & Retreats, Inc., notes by Bambi Bullard

Feb 7, 2023

The Women Veterans Resources & Retreats, Inc. (which originally began as The Grand Strand Women Veterans of America) now serves the statewide women veteran community in providing guidance to access resources for assistance both in and outside the Veterans Administration and providing several retreats including program activities, camping, and networking. For information or to be included in our notification list, contact Bambi Bullard at


Notes from the Associate Producer:

People tell my husband, "Thank you for your service." They often assume he was the only one who served in our family. Many women who served are often overlooked because they don't "look" like veterans. Stacy Pearsall, host of "After Action" and combat Air Force Veteran, mentions this frequently throughout the series. Many people believe she is training America's VetDog, Charlie, instead of her being his handler. Most veterans do not look like the stereotypical Hollywood depiction of a veteran. We are every day people, fitting into society just like everyone else. Bambi Bullard works with women who have served in the military to provide them with resources, opportunities, and retreats to engage with other women veterans.