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Invisible Wounds; National PTSD Awareness Month

Jun 4, 2024

During June, we highlight Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and raise awareness about the disorder. As many military members, or everyday civilians know, PTSD develops after a traumatic event, disrupting day-to-day activities and even causing quality of life issues. The invisible nature of this disorder makes it a  vastly misunderstood issue. Approximately 76% of the veterans who participated in the annual Wounded Warrior Project survey reported suffering from PTSD. In June, we will focus on raising awareness of this disorder, its impacts, and providing Veterans with various resources to help them, as well as educating the public on how to assess or possibly help someone dealing with PTSD.

Below are some Programs, Services and Resources provided for military members who are, or think they are experiencing PTSD, as well as family members who want to help their loved ones dealing with PTSD. 




National Center for PTSD

Vet Centers



PTSD Treatment Decision Aid

Veteran Affairs

Help for Veterans' Family Members and Friends

PTSD Self-Screen

Wounded Warrior Project