Charlie looking back at the camera on a walk around the farm

Charlie; Everyones Emotional Support Dog

Jun 25, 2024

Hi, my name is Charlie! If you know my mom, Stacy, then you probably know me. Today is my birthday! This year I turn 8 years old, and my mom thought it was a good idea if I told you a little about myself. 


My mom hosts the show After Action, where she brings on many new friends for me to greet. We like to show them around the house and all around the farm, and I get to introduce all my other animal siblings! Throughout the seasons, I’ve been given the nicknames ‘everyone’s emotional support dog’, and my personal favorite, ‘farm ambassador’. You have probably seen me in some of the show posing next to my mom... or snoozing away, but behind the scenes, I make my rounds to make sure I say hey to everyone! 

I don’t like to brag on myself, but I’d say that I’m not just your average dog. I am certified through Americas Vet Dogs, which means I have a job that comes with many tasks, and I LOVE tasks! My mom and I created our own tasks that we do together to help make her life easier! Ill give you some examples. If my mom says 'settle', I will lay out flat on the floor, just like the picture of me to the right. If she says 'up', I will take my front two paws and put them on whatever she points at. (This is always fun for me, because I get to be closer to her level) If she says 'bring', I will grab whatever she needs off the floor. My mom has trouble hearing sometimes, so we also created 'what?', which usually means she didn't hear who was knocking at the door. I've also gotten really good at opening doors and turning off light switches, which i'd say is pretty impressive knowing I don't have opposable thumbs. 


My Mom and I are very detail-oriented people. We both love tasks and routine. I wake up every morning with my mom and sit with her while she works. She always takes a break to feed me breakfast and then puts me back to bed with my dad. I nap off my full belly while she finishes work, and then she wakes me up again and we go on our morning walk! Some may say a mile and half walk is far, but if you remember, I am the ‘farm ambassador’ and I crave a good snuffle around. Not only do I like to travel the farm, but I love special days where we travel to places like my mom’s veteran friends' coffee shop. I really like the coffee shop because they always give me a pup cup! (If you haven’t had one, I definitely recommend) I started to learn that my mom’s human friends seem to always have treats, especially the ones at the bank and fast-food windows! I realized that just by showing my face, they will give me one, which makes me believe I’m a “handsomest good boy". 

I love meeting my other Vet dog friends and their moms and dads, as well as all the other friends my mom has introduced me to. I hope to meet more friends as my mom continues her show. 

P.S. Next season, i'll promise not to snore as loud on set. 

Signing off,