Ron Johnson

When entering the Marine Corp in 1967, Ron Johnson was forced to find a new home for his green-wing macaw and Moluccan cockatoo when none of his friends or family members were willing to take them in. Although he was successful in rehoming the two parrots, he made a vow to one day help other birds in similar circumstances. In 1997, he made good on his promise. Together with his wife, Tammy, they founded “Feathered Friends Forever.” What started as a small operation consisting of five rescued birds quickly ballooned to eighty-five. Today, Feathered Friends Forever is located on 13 acres in Harlem, GA and continues to provide a safe haven for parrots in need. In the past 22 years, they have found loving homes for over 1,000 of our feathered friends. “Feathered Friends Forever” is a State-of-Georgia licensed animal shelter and 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Ron’s nonprofit works diligently to improve the lives of companion birds by providing them with an intermittent or permanent haven as it endeavors to further advance avian welfare through public education and awareness efforts.