Lisa M. Zunzanyika

Lisa M. Zunzanyika is a retired Air Force Combat Photojournalist. During her 22-year career, Lisa traveled the world documenting the military in peacetime, wartime, and humanitarian operations. She is a graduate of the Military Photojournalism Program at Syracuse University; through which she earned the distinction of being the first African-American female Military Photojournalist in Air Force history. An award-winning photojournalist, Lisa has won numerous accolades for her talent. Of note is the 1998 Military Photographer of the Year: 1st Place Illustration category award. Her military photographs have been featured in national and international military and civilian publications as well as books such as “This Is Our War: A Soldiers’ Portfolio: Servicemen’s Photographs of Life in Iraq” by Devin Friedman and the Editors of GQ. Now a freelance photographer, her images can be found in books like “Usability Testing Essentials: Ready, Set...Test!” by Carol M. Barnum and her work was recently published in “Mantra Yoga + Health Magazine” Issue 19. While Lisa has traveled the world photographing a wide variety of subjects and events, portraiture is her passion. As she says, she “sees in portraits.”