Corinna “Nina” Guerra

Corinna “Nina” Guerra is a Latina native of San Antonio, Texas, Marine Corps Veteran, and clinical psychology doctoral student. When her career ended in the Marine Corps, she decided her service to her country, her community, will not end there. With over 10 years of professional leadership and mentoring experience, Nina founded “The Rustic Ranch” with one idea in mind: to create a space where veterans may work through emotional triggers, where healthy coping mechanisms are learned and implemented, where women and young girls gain confidence in themselves and their abilities, and where the community may come together in growth, healing, and fellowship. She is dedicated to normalizing and advocating for mental health and personal development for all veterans and their families through equine-assisted, ranch life therapy. “The Rustic Ranch” is a Veteran owned and operated 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization in South Texas dedicated to cultivating an environment that prioritizes every Veteran’s need to process and manage all that comes with their unwavering sacrifices. The mission is to offer equine-assisted and ranch life therapy, breaking away from the everyday noise and focusing on becoming a better version of ourselves.